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YFN is one of the famous brands from YAFEINI Jewelry Group Company Limited.

For us,every detail counts,From the smallest element,we take care about consideration in crafting the perfect piece.


 We are proud to have gained 17 years of industry experience and 10 years of experience in foreign trade. We specialize in 925 sterling silver and zircon jewelry. We have gradually become one of the top sellers on the alibaba platform and have served more than a million customers.

Our products go through multi-step processes and quality checks to ensure we deliver solid products that satisfies customers all over the world.

Our team is young, energetic and comes from all over the world. Our founder opened the store when he was freshman in university and due to his and the teams' tireless efforts, the store has flourished and made a mark.


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Contact info:

YFN Jewelry
#70365 District 5,International Trade City
Yiwu,Zhejiang 32000
Tel:+86 18267086390